Friday, June 14

Trend: Statement Necklaces

Hi Friends!

Have you gotten yourself a statement necklace yet?  I adore them and they make an outfit so easy to put together.  A simple t-shirt and jeans or shorts with one of these and you're set!

I have a few that I love but I've been eyeing these beauties for a while now.  I just can't decide which one I like better.

Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklaces by frugalbytrish featuring a coral necklace


You saw me wear one of my latest finds from Target in this post.  I love, love, love these fun necklaces.  These great can be found anywhere from Stella & Dot to Target and Walmart.  Get yourself one and enjoy this fun and whimsical trend.


Thursday, June 13

Trend: Black & White

Hi Friends!

Have you seen this fun new trend?  Spring Fashion is all about fun prints, lace, mixing prints and head-to-toe black and white.  All of us have black and white in our closets.  This has to be one of the easiest and most accessible trends today.  Keep it to those two colors and you're set!!

[Blazer:  Old Navy, Skinnies:  CAbi, Top:  Dress Barn, Necklace:  Target, Shoes:  Von Maur]

This was my outfit to see Cirque du Soleil:  Quidam.  It was an amazing show!  My hubby and I went as a 7 year anniversary treat to ourselves.  We had a wonderful time and the entertainment was top notch.  I would love to see a few more performances.  The acrobatics, lights and overall show is incredible.  


Monday, June 10

Beauty Review: Sinful Colors

Hi Friends,

I have a budget beauty find!!!  Some of you may have known about this for a LONG time but I recently discovered "Sinful Colors" brand nail polish.

This little number is from a few seasons back but I adore the color.  It's called "Feeling Great" and at $1.99 a bottle, I can definitely say that about it.  I picked up several colors from Walgreens, but I know I have also seen this brand at Target.

You might be wondering if this brand is worth the budget price.  YES!  That's the very reason I'm sharing this tip with you.  It wears well, REALLY well.  I put on a single coat yesterday morning. I did the normal stuff day to day stuff.  I washed dishes, played with kiddos and cleaned.   The edges of my nails were just starting to wear away a day later.  Today, I added a second coat,  just before this picture was taken.  It's a great, budget polish found at most of your popular drugstores.  I love this brand and plan to stock up on a few more fun colors.


Friday, June 7

One Tank, Three Ways

Hi Friends!

My latest goal is to get more mileage out of the pieces I own.  How many different outfits can be created with one or a few pieces? 

Drinks with Friends

Farmer's Market

Summer Barbeque

If you are like me, you love to have fun and stylish outfits. That all starts with picking out pieces that fit your "style" and pairing them together in fun ways. Style isn't about having the most pieces in your wardrobe. It's really about finding ways to wear your pieces in new and unique ways that make you feel good. Here's an example of a simple striped tank paired with jean shorts, skinnies and colored denim. One tank, three totally different ways. That's the way I'm learning to work my closet. It's not about quantity but quality and creativity. See if you can pick a piece and style three ways. It's eye opening how many more outfits can be created by really using what you already have.


Thursday, June 6

Brought to you by the color: Purple

Hi Friends!

Ok, it's summer, right?  Well not officially but now that school is out for the kids one would expect that the sun would be sunny and the heat would be heating.  That's not the case here in Iowa though.  Cooler than usual days have kept me in my skinny jeans longer this season than ever expected.

I'm not complaining!!!  The longer I wear something, the less cost per wear it becomes.  What a silly thing to think about but some styles go out almost as soon as they come in.

Today's outfit feels a bit more timeless.  It has a shelf life as we used to say WAY back when in the sales industry.  Choose any color oxford shirt, paired with a skinny (colored, print, denim, you name it) and you're set.

Most of this outfit was brought to you by Old Navy.

[Button Down, Skinnies, Shoes:  Old Navy, Belt & Sunnies: Target]

I'm a HUGE fan of flowers, they are definitely a labor of love.  These purple beauties add a bit of color to my deck and landscaping.  They are the perfect hint of color in just the right places.


Tuesday, June 4

I've Moved

Hey there!  Remember me?  I can't believe it's been as long as it has.  Welcome to my new home at East and Autumn.  My new address is

You know that fresh new feeling one gets when moving into a new space?  I'm kind of feeling that right now.  I just added a fresh coat of paint, a few accessories and a new address.

 If you go to Fashionably Frugal by Trish by habit, that's okay.  You'll be redirected here.  If you're like me, old habits die hard.  I am definitely a creature of habit.

East and Autumn is a life and style blog.  You'll find me rambling on about an amazingly frugal find (as always) but you'll also find me chatting up a DIY project, recipes, photograghy, style and design.  Okay, I know what you're thinking...isn't that just about everything.  Yes, yes it is.

So what's happened since your last visit?  We went to Disney!!!!  We bit the bullet and took the girls to the most amazing place, where dreams come true.  All those sayings are perfect for Disney World and yet they don't quite capture just how truly amazing it is.  I'm ready to go back!  They treated us like kings and queens.

 We loved our Disney Resort, Port of Orleans - Riverside.  It was charming, quiet and serine.  It was the perfect end to a perfect day.  Picture a long winding river with lighted sidewalks on each side.  Beautiful landscape that made you feel like you were at the bayou.  A pool big enough for everyone there to swim and have fun and other quiet pools to get away from the crowd.

The food is absolutely amazing!  We ate WAY more food than we usually do but it was irresistible.  The desserts were so yummy!  We had two per day, lunch and dinner.  Yummy cheesecake, mocha desserts, apple pie and more!


If you are questioning whether or not to go, GO.  Do it, it's a wonderful vacation.  I can't wait to go back!!!