Friday, June 7

One Tank, Three Ways

Hi Friends!

My latest goal is to get more mileage out of the pieces I own.  How many different outfits can be created with one or a few pieces? 

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If you are like me, you love to have fun and stylish outfits. That all starts with picking out pieces that fit your "style" and pairing them together in fun ways. Style isn't about having the most pieces in your wardrobe. It's really about finding ways to wear your pieces in new and unique ways that make you feel good. Here's an example of a simple striped tank paired with jean shorts, skinnies and colored denim. One tank, three totally different ways. That's the way I'm learning to work my closet. It's not about quantity but quality and creativity. See if you can pick a piece and style three ways. It's eye opening how many more outfits can be created by really using what you already have.


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