Tuesday, June 4

I've Moved

Hey there!  Remember me?  I can't believe it's been as long as it has.  Welcome to my new home at East and Autumn.  My new address is www.eastandautumn.blogpost.com.

You know that fresh new feeling one gets when moving into a new space?  I'm kind of feeling that right now.  I just added a fresh coat of paint, a few accessories and a new address.

 If you go to Fashionably Frugal by Trish by habit, that's okay.  You'll be redirected here.  If you're like me, old habits die hard.  I am definitely a creature of habit.

East and Autumn is a life and style blog.  You'll find me rambling on about an amazingly frugal find (as always) but you'll also find me chatting up a DIY project, recipes, photograghy, style and design.  Okay, I know what you're thinking...isn't that just about everything.  Yes, yes it is.

So what's happened since your last visit?  We went to Disney!!!!  We bit the bullet and took the girls to the most amazing place, where dreams come true.  All those sayings are perfect for Disney World and yet they don't quite capture just how truly amazing it is.  I'm ready to go back!  They treated us like kings and queens.

 We loved our Disney Resort, Port of Orleans - Riverside.  It was charming, quiet and serine.  It was the perfect end to a perfect day.  Picture a long winding river with lighted sidewalks on each side.  Beautiful landscape that made you feel like you were at the bayou.  A pool big enough for everyone there to swim and have fun and other quiet pools to get away from the crowd.

The food is absolutely amazing!  We ate WAY more food than we usually do but it was irresistible.  The desserts were so yummy!  We had two per day, lunch and dinner.  Yummy cheesecake, mocha desserts, apple pie and more!


If you are questioning whether or not to go, GO.  Do it, it's a wonderful vacation.  I can't wait to go back!!!


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