Friday, August 31

Mustard and Sequins

Hello Friends!!!!

It's Copycat Friday .....

I'm linking up with frills for thrills today.  She's expecting her first baby and has an amazing style sense.  I love her Copycat Challenge and I'm excited to put this outfit together, inspired by a look I found on Pinterest here and at Middle Child Complex .  I have had this outfit pinned for a LOOOOOONG time and love that I'm now sharing it with you.

[Tank: Gordman's] [Sweater: LOFT] [Jeans & Ballet Flats: Old Navy]

I guess you could say Mustard is the new Black, for me.  At least you'd be wondering that as much as I wear it.  As you can see, this style is so fun and effortless.  This fun hue goes with so many different colors and plays well with sequins.  Oh and I should mention that it's officially football season (of course you already know that).  My Hawkeyes are playing Saturday and this could pass as team colors....kind of.  Black & Gold are their official colors but Gray Sequins and Gold Mustard will do.

Go Hawks!!!!


FrillsforThrills CopyCats

Thursday, August 30

Peplum and Colored Denim

Hello Friends!!!!!

I'm breaking out the Peplum, my first time wearing this fun trend.  I know, I know, you're thinking about how this trend started clear back in spring 2012 but I was slow on this one.  I do love the flair that this style offers.  Just a little bit of feminine touch to any outfit is fun.  I paired it with a fun blue denim from Old Navy and kept the outfit simple.

 [Top: Kohl's] [Colored Denim: Old Navy] [Necklace: Target]
 [Shoes: Younkers] [Sunnies: Drugstore]

I have a little confession to share with you.  These pants are about 2 sizes too big.  Old Navy had them dirt cheap and was totally out of my size.  I thought, easy enough...I'll just wash and dry, they'll fit fine.  Right?  Not right!!!!  Although they did shrink up in the legs, the waist is still WAY too big on me.  From a far, these pants are fine but up close.....that's another story.  Don't try this yourself.  Don't buy something unless it fits!!!!!!  Period.  End of story.

Wednesday, August 29

Monochromatic Maxi

Hello Friends!

Today I decided to use a theme to inspire my look of the day.  I've seen a few other blogs that have focused on monochromatic looks and I found that one of my fun, maxi skirts was the ticket to this challenge.  Now, I will admit that this outfit didn't last past the morning.  Temperatures soared into the 90's and we headed to the splash pad to cool off.  So off with the maxi skirt and on with some shorts and my tank. 

[Maxi: Target] [Shirt & Tank: Express] [Shoes: Von Maur] [Bracelet: Unknown]

This maxi skirt has been seen in a previous outfit here.  I'm working on a new series called "REMIX".  Here you'll see 3-5 different ways to wear a a fun piece in my closet.  For example, different looks created with one maxi skirt.  Stay tuned.......

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Tuesday, August 28

Sherbert Anyone?

Hello Friends!

It rained all day yesterday, well, ok most of the day.  So needless to say it was gloomy.  Today's outfit is inspired by the sunny, happy weather we have today.

There's something about this happy green and coral color that instantly reminds me of sherbert.  It's casual, it's happy and it's fun.

[Top: Old Navy] [Tank: Gap] [Shorts, Shoes, Sunnies & Belt: Target] [Jewels: Stella & Dot]

This top was another great find at Old Navy.  I got this on sale (can't remember how much on sale) back in the fall of 2011.  These kind of finds are great wardrobe builders since this piece really is a year round staple.  I've worn this with cardigans, leather jackets, blazers and as you can see with shorts.  Belt it, tuck it or leave it out with just about anything.  You'll see this top pop up with many different outfits.

Happenings over the weekend.....

My hubby and I love to garden and can.  We do tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, jelly and now we've tried our luck at sweet jalepano pepper jam.  You know how luck seems to work, it's either with you or against you.  Well, let's just say it wasn't with us this time.  We I had a lot going on....spaghetti sauce was saucing, the pepper jam was jamming and it the end it was a little too much for us me.

By the time the sauce was ready to can, my jam was boiling and also ready.  Our my timing was all off....UGH!!!!!         DOUBLE UGH!!!!!        So the jam probably overcooked since it was only supposed to boil for a minute and let's just say I was able to watch the first half of my Real Housewives of New Jersey before we actually started to jar this stuff up.

See how the jam looks separated with peppers on the top...yeah that doesn't look right

The last of the sauce was in jars and now we're set to can the jam.  My sweet and patient hubby, who had already told me we had too much going on, went to put the lid on the first jar of jam and it happened.  The lid came off, the jam spilled all over the hot stove and hot, boiling sugar began to fill the stove and burn.  He was shocked that we didn't catch the kitchen on fire with the mess.


We jarred what we had and are waiting to see what happens.  Here's a peek at what it looks like but I will not brag or give this one as a gift.  I think I'll have to give this recipe another shot before I'm willing to give up.

I'm going to spare you the recipe until I've mastered this one.  I will, I'm very determined and I LOVE this pepper jam (that other's have made).


Monday, August 27

Bountiful Butterflies

Hello Friends!

I pulled out an oldie but a goody from way back in my closet.  This adorable butterly camisole is one of the fun designs from Gabby Basora's Tucker for Target line.  Back when this collection debuted, it was next to impossible to buy a piece online but I did score one at our local store.  Guess the midwest wasn't as excited about these pieces as the rest of the fashionistas world.

Check Ms. Basora's latest collection here.   It's such a fun and whimsical line, I wish I had a few more of her latest pieces.

[Top: Target] [Shorts & Sweater: CAbi] [Shoes: TJMaxx] [Necklace: Forever 21]

Have a great week fashion friends!!!!!!!


Sunday, August 26

Hot Pink and Animal Print

Hello Friends!

This is such a fun outfit and I'm dying to tell you about.  Run out immediately and get to both Old Navy and LOFT.  Both are having amazing deals on summer clothing that can easily transition into fall.


[Top: LOFT] [Cropped Pants: Old Navy] [Sunnies: Target] [Shoes: TJMaxx] [Jewels: Stella & Dot]

I'm serious, get to these stores and look for pieces that can be worn now with the heat and later layered under great jackets, sweaters and scarves.  This fall is favoring anything with animal print and jewel tones galore.  These pieces were less than $20, total!!!!!!!  This is a major frugal find.  The pants were about $10 at Old Navy and the top was $9.98 at LOFT.  I would've snatched up another pair of pants if they had them but it is on the sale rack and you know how that goes.

So have you gotten off the couch yet?  Have you looked at these stores online?  Don't wait, sales like this won't last long!!!!

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 She has fun with great monthly challenges.  August challenge is the statement necklace.


Saturday, August 25

Dots and Stripes

Hello Friends!

Temperatures are still high and finding the patience to wait for fall is getting harder and harder.  I pulled out this fun jersey skirt, that typically I wear with a simple tank but I wanted to show a more dressed up look.  This skirt is the perfect day to night, business casual, picnic in the park, errand running piece to have in your closet.

[Skirt: Target] [Top: JCrew] [Tank: Christopher & Banks] [Shoes: Payless]
 [Sunnies: Drugstore] [Belt: Kohl's] [Brooche: Stella & Dot]

I'll be wearing this jersey skirt ultra casual today, but since we're heading to church this evening I wanted to have a look that's somewhat more appropriate for mass.  This small polka dot blouse has popped up in a previous outfit of the day, shown here.

I love this fun look of a belt with a playful flower.  I was inspired by this Ann Taylor LOFT idea shown here.  I opted not to buy a belt with a flower.  I can get much more mileage from a separate belt and brooche.  I'll keep you posted on all the ways to wear these pieces separately and together.

I should also share that this skirt was slightly discounted for me at Target.  It started at low price of $14.99, then marked down to only $10.48.  That's not a huge savings off of the original but I'm still happy as it's in the $10 range and this skirt can be dressed up, dressed down and beached out!


Friday, August 24

Feeling Inspired...

Hello Friends!

 I found this fun look here and knew it was one that I had to copycat. It's so easygoing and I had all some of the pieces. Don't feel like you need to have the exact same pieces to create a look. Copycat is really about inspiration. Use it as a start and create YOUR look.



[Top & Shorts: Kohl's] [Shoes: TJMaxx] [Bag & Sunnies: Target] [Wooden Bracelet:  Unknown] 
[Cream Bracelet: Lia Sophia] [Turquoise & Coral Bangle: Stella & Dot] [Scarf: Christopher & Banks]

That little skunk that popped up in my last pic is a cute DIY from my Father-In-Law.  Once he retired, woodworking became a new hobby before starting a second career.  This little guy greets everyone that comes over.

Have a FUNTASTIC weekend!!!!!


Thursday, August 23

To Skirt or No To Skirt.....

Hello Friends!

What is it with wearing a skirt that gets people thinking you're going someplace special?  I don't get strange looks when I wear jeans, shorts, sweats or heck maybe even my pj bottoms.  But, why do people wonder why I'm wearing a skirt or dress?  In my opinion, the best thing to wear on a hot summer day is a skirt or dress.  Let's face it, the wind keeps you cool in places that shorts normally block.  As long as I can still bend down to pick up my kiddos, I'd rather be in a flowing something or other on a hot day.

Today's gonna be another hot one so I'm breaking out my cool outfits for the warm up.  I love the Ikat print and it just so happens that I have a skirt from a few seasons ago that fits the new, fun trend.

[Tank & Skirt: Old Navy] [Necklace, Sunnies & Shoes: Target] [Wristlet: Gordman's]

Oh What I Want List - August

I promised you my fall "Oh What I Want" list and here's my first from Old Navy.  I'm learning very quickly that I can't just go out and shop with my new budget limitations.  So here's some honesty for you, I have already over spent what I set for myself.  I went over by $50.  Ok, ok, ok, so $50 isn't major but it's still over budget and on the first month that I started this.  Sigh.......... So my new game plan is to create a want list, then go the store to look, try on and contemplate.  A second trip is to buy.  I'm curious as to whether or not this will work but it should reduce impulsive buys.

Stay tuned......


Wednesday, August 22

A little like Taylor Swift

Hello Friends!

For as long as I can remember, summer seems to cool off and then as soon as school starts - whamo!  The heat is on again!!!!  So today I opted for a cool summer dress and strappy sandals.  I must say that although I love these shoes with many things, I did change them.  I had errands to run today and kiddos in tow, so I opted for this summer dress along with some easy going flip flops.  I felt a little like Taylor Swift with her cute, girly dresses and casual shoes.

[Dress, Belt & Sunnies: Target] [Tank: jcp] [Shoes: TJMaxx] [Jewels: Stella & Dot]

I have a little tip to share with you!  I've been doing this for quite a while.  I have found that the regular cotton balls just don't give me enough stuff - if you know what I mean.  I use them for my eye make-up remover, nail polish remover & exfoliator.  It seemed as though I was buying the jumbo size cotton ball bag more often than I should.  You know that feeling, the bag is empty and you just bought one!!!!!  So I started breaking each one in half and wouldn't you know it, I still have enough "stuff" to do the job.  When the jumbo size is on sale, I pay $.99 for 70 jumbo.  When I break them in half, that makes my frugal beauty find......$.99 for 140.  Not too bad!