Thursday, August 16

Ohhhh, say can you see.....

Hello Friends!

Tonight's agenda is full of fun, and it's the eve of our kiddos first day of school.  Can't believe it!!!!  We love to go to baseball games, however, we really only get time to go once or twice a season and the night before school (oh boy).  And, as you all know, baseball has a lot of games.  So why is it so hard for us to get to more????  I would first have to answer what we do with all of our time.  It's amazing how the day gets filled with stuff.  Well stuff got pushed aside and tonight will be a beautiful night for a game.

So here's my outfit.  Not only are the the team colors red, blue and white but it's also patriotic.  There you go, a homerun!!!

Our high today is 74 degrees and it's a night game, so I'm thinking the colored denim and jacket will be perfect.

[Top: Dress Barn] [Jacket & Shoes: Old Navy] [Colored Denim: Kohl's] [Jewels: Stella & Dot]

This cute top, I got for under $10 at Dress Barn when I bought $50 in merchandise.  Of course I bought almost exactly $50 in fun stuff on sale.  Dress Barn has wonderful sales and fun, unexpected pieces.


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