Wednesday, August 22

A little like Taylor Swift

Hello Friends!

For as long as I can remember, summer seems to cool off and then as soon as school starts - whamo!  The heat is on again!!!!  So today I opted for a cool summer dress and strappy sandals.  I must say that although I love these shoes with many things, I did change them.  I had errands to run today and kiddos in tow, so I opted for this summer dress along with some easy going flip flops.  I felt a little like Taylor Swift with her cute, girly dresses and casual shoes.

[Dress, Belt & Sunnies: Target] [Tank: jcp] [Shoes: TJMaxx] [Jewels: Stella & Dot]

I have a little tip to share with you!  I've been doing this for quite a while.  I have found that the regular cotton balls just don't give me enough stuff - if you know what I mean.  I use them for my eye make-up remover, nail polish remover & exfoliator.  It seemed as though I was buying the jumbo size cotton ball bag more often than I should.  You know that feeling, the bag is empty and you just bought one!!!!!  So I started breaking each one in half and wouldn't you know it, I still have enough "stuff" to do the job.  When the jumbo size is on sale, I pay $.99 for 70 jumbo.  When I break them in half, that makes my frugal beauty find......$.99 for 140.  Not too bad!


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