Tuesday, August 14


Hello Friends!

Eeeks, back to school time around our house and I'm feeling the pinch.  I've known for months that this week/day was coming but wow, this summer has gone fast.  On a positive note, the end of summer is giving us cooler weather and I'm soooooo ready for fall.  I broke out these cutey pants that I've been dying to wear.  I love the pattern jeans!!!  They're so fun and really go with a lot more than you'd think.

[Top: Loft] [Tank: Splurge, Local Boutique] [Pants: CAbi] [Shoes:  Too old to remember]
 [Wristlet: Kohl's] [Jewels:  Stella & Dot]

The sweater that I'm wearing was an amazing frugal find.  I stumbled upon Loft's end of season sale about a month ago and found it.  It was a $49.50 sweater that was marked down an extra 50% off the lowest price.   That made this timeless piece a whopping $6.44.   I was elated!!!!!

That my friends is 87% OFF.  Can you imagine seeing a sign for clothing....
87% off??????

These kinds of deals make me want to dance, dance, dance!  Oh and my hubby can be more understanding of my need to get a new something, something in my closet.


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