Thursday, August 23

To Skirt or No To Skirt.....

Hello Friends!

What is it with wearing a skirt that gets people thinking you're going someplace special?  I don't get strange looks when I wear jeans, shorts, sweats or heck maybe even my pj bottoms.  But, why do people wonder why I'm wearing a skirt or dress?  In my opinion, the best thing to wear on a hot summer day is a skirt or dress.  Let's face it, the wind keeps you cool in places that shorts normally block.  As long as I can still bend down to pick up my kiddos, I'd rather be in a flowing something or other on a hot day.

Today's gonna be another hot one so I'm breaking out my cool outfits for the warm up.  I love the Ikat print and it just so happens that I have a skirt from a few seasons ago that fits the new, fun trend.

[Tank & Skirt: Old Navy] [Necklace, Sunnies & Shoes: Target] [Wristlet: Gordman's]

Oh What I Want List - August

I promised you my fall "Oh What I Want" list and here's my first from Old Navy.  I'm learning very quickly that I can't just go out and shop with my new budget limitations.  So here's some honesty for you, I have already over spent what I set for myself.  I went over by $50.  Ok, ok, ok, so $50 isn't major but it's still over budget and on the first month that I started this.  Sigh.......... So my new game plan is to create a want list, then go the store to look, try on and contemplate.  A second trip is to buy.  I'm curious as to whether or not this will work but it should reduce impulsive buys.

Stay tuned......


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