Monday, August 6

The Hunter Green in Me

Hello friends!!!

I love hunter green with just about anything but I especially love it with turquoise.  I don't know why I haven't put these two pieces together but with my latest challenge of recreating outfits, I found a winner.  I like to think of this effortless outfit as one of those that you could run around shopping, meet girlfriends for lunch or hanging out home (provided you don't have the yucky cleaning to do).

This Jade necklace is quite versatile.  I forget to wear it as I have a lot of cleaning to do in my closet.  It's embarrassing to say that I have a whole dresser devoted to my jewelry and it's spilling out of the top.  I am in the process of getting rid of the old, to make room for the new ;).

I have to share this awesome deal with you from Target....

Yep, that's right I got a pair of cutey patooty sandals that were $24.99 for ONLY $7.48!!!!!!  I was doing a happy dance all the way down the aisle!!!!!

[Top & Shorts: LOFT] [Shoes & Sunnies: Target] [Bag: Old Navy] [Jewelry: Stella & Dot]

I had mentioned earlier that my goal is to spend a certain amount on clothing each month.  I also try to find DIY for many of the things I use every day.  I have an eye make-up remover that I've been using for years and when it ran out this week and decided to make my own.  I filled up my empty bottle with the new concoction and gave it a try.  It worked just as well and for pennies!  I mean just pennies!!!!!  

Once I added 1 1/2 Tablespoon tear free baby shampoo, 1/8 Teaspoon of baby oil, 1 Cup water.  Shake well before each use and gently wipe off eye make-up.  It's that easy.

I hope you love this DIY as much as I do.  It's my mission to continue to find frugal ways of living without feeling deprived (if you KNOW what I mean).


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