Wednesday, August 1

Stripes and Chambray

Good morning friends!

Congrats to the girls gymnastics team!  The Gold goes to team USA!!!!!!  Those girls are so talented and have such dedication.  What an inspiration!!!!!

Have you noticed a slowly fading bruise on my leg.  I got that working out!!!!  We were doing these funky kick thingy's and I kick myself in the same spot more times than I remember.  Now I have a bruise and my hip flexer is killing me.  Does this mean it was a rockin' workout or I shouldn't be working out????  I need to exercise but this makes it less motivating.  Maybe that's why I'm watching the Olympics more this year than I ever did.  I need that visual motivator!!!!!!!

[Skirt & Bag:  Target] [Shoes:  TJMaxx] [Belt: Forever 21] [Top:  CAbi] [Jewelry:  Stella & Dot] [Sunnies:  Target]

I'm not normally a skirt girl.  I am chasing after little ones after all.  But I love the look of them and I love the way it offers up more variety in my outfits.  So here I am this month, challenging myself to actually wear the cute skits that I have hanging in my closet.  Now that the kiddos aren't crawling, I don't need to always get down on all fours and worry about the world seeing my unmentionables.  I do however need to worry about my little ones lifting my skirt.  No lie, this happened in church!!!!!!  My little sweetie decided that she wanted to see what's under mommies dress.  So she lifted it and I think I caught it just in time but who knows.  The parishoners in the pew behind us probably got a little bit of a show.  What do you do?????  I just slipped out of church like it never happened.  What would you do?????

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