Sunday, July 29

Denim and Dots

Good afternoon friends!

We're still loving this amazing weather.  I can't believe 83 degrees feels like a cool spell!!!!  I got this fun skirt and was anxious for the heat wave to break so I could rock it without sweating my tail off!

I must admit that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this skirt.  I love the color, the weight and the length.  Hello, me likey the maxi!!!!!  However, I had planned to wear this to church and the hubby informed me that it was a bit sheer.  Darn it!  I wouldn't mind (I do have a slip) but in church it just doesn't seem right.  So I ended up with a whole new outfit five minutes before heading out the door.  Having a somewhat organized closet helped with that quick wardrobe change.

[Top & Skirt:  Target] [Tank:  Forever 21] [Belt & Bag:  Old Navy] [Jewelry:  Stella & Dot] 
[Shoes:  TJMaxx] [Sunnies:  Target]

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bracelet.  It's a little gem from Stella & Dot and it goes with everything!  My camera doesn't do it justice, it's definitely a must see in person.

I have to close with my excitement for this blog.  I used to be an executive and LOVED to create fun outfits for the office.  Now that I work from home, the outfits have changed as well as my job description.  I find myself wanting to put on a dozen different outfits to share with you since the library or playgroup could care less if I'm wearing a fun new trend.  So thanks for visiting, I look forward to sharing more with you ;)

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