Saturday, July 28

Colored Denim and Crocheted Sweater

Good morning friends.

 [Shorts:  Elle at Kohl's] [Sweater:  Lauren Conrad at Kohl's] [Tank:  Old Navy] [Bag:  Old Navy] [Shoes:  Target] [Sunnies:  Target] [Jewelry:  Stella & Dot]

 I'm up bright and early today due to the amazing sounds of the morning.  Birds are singing and our windows are open.  However, I could've done without the sounds of an early bird (uh-hum 6:30 a.m.) getting dropped off.  Now is it because this person delivers the morning paper or perhaps pulled an all-nighter and had a much more eventful night than I did?  I'm guessing the latter only because I believe most tend to have a more exciting life than I lead.  For those that know me well, I very much enjoy being a home body.  The best place on earth is at home with my amazing hubby and two beautiful girls.

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