Tuesday, July 31

Shades of Blue

Good afternoon friends!!!!!!

Today's theme at the library was the Olympics and sportsmanship.  It was a great message for the little ones.  We've been watching the girls sand volleyball team kick some tail and I must say they are quite a pair.  They have heart, drive, skill and a love for what they do.  They make me want to get out there and play, but only after this terrible heat breaks :).

Today the kiddos and I were at the library and tonight we head to Preschool Readiness Camp.  Not sure what we're in for but I'm all about education and making it an amazing experience for my kiddos.

I LOVE this necklace!!!!!!  

I know I mentioned yesterday that I need to change my polish color, so have I?  Heck no, I'm almost finished with the "Fifty Shades" trilogy and couldn't take the time to spruce my color.  I'll get around to it one of these days.

[Top:  CAbi] [Shorts:  Target] [Shoes: VonMaur] [Belt:  Too old to remember] [Bag:  Old Navy]
 [Sunnies:  Target] [Necklace: WalMart]

You'll see my hair is pulled up today and I tend to go through these stages.  My hair is constantly in a state of change.  I want it short, I want it long, I want it short again.  If only I had the wigs of Kim Zolciak, I'd have my hair different every day without the commitment. 
Have a great day!  Go Team USA!!!!

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