Thursday, June 6

Brought to you by the color: Purple

Hi Friends!

Ok, it's summer, right?  Well not officially but now that school is out for the kids one would expect that the sun would be sunny and the heat would be heating.  That's not the case here in Iowa though.  Cooler than usual days have kept me in my skinny jeans longer this season than ever expected.

I'm not complaining!!!  The longer I wear something, the less cost per wear it becomes.  What a silly thing to think about but some styles go out almost as soon as they come in.

Today's outfit feels a bit more timeless.  It has a shelf life as we used to say WAY back when in the sales industry.  Choose any color oxford shirt, paired with a skinny (colored, print, denim, you name it) and you're set.

Most of this outfit was brought to you by Old Navy.

[Button Down, Skinnies, Shoes:  Old Navy, Belt & Sunnies: Target]

I'm a HUGE fan of flowers, they are definitely a labor of love.  These purple beauties add a bit of color to my deck and landscaping.  They are the perfect hint of color in just the right places.


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