Tuesday, July 31

Shades of Blue

Good afternoon friends!!!!!!

Today's theme at the library was the Olympics and sportsmanship.  It was a great message for the little ones.  We've been watching the girls sand volleyball team kick some tail and I must say they are quite a pair.  They have heart, drive, skill and a love for what they do.  They make me want to get out there and play, but only after this terrible heat breaks :).

Today the kiddos and I were at the library and tonight we head to Preschool Readiness Camp.  Not sure what we're in for but I'm all about education and making it an amazing experience for my kiddos.

I LOVE this necklace!!!!!!  

I know I mentioned yesterday that I need to change my polish color, so have I?  Heck no, I'm almost finished with the "Fifty Shades" trilogy and couldn't take the time to spruce my color.  I'll get around to it one of these days.

[Top:  CAbi] [Shorts:  Target] [Shoes: VonMaur] [Belt:  Too old to remember] [Bag:  Old Navy]
 [Sunnies:  Target] [Necklace: WalMart]

You'll see my hair is pulled up today and I tend to go through these stages.  My hair is constantly in a state of change.  I want it short, I want it long, I want it short again.  If only I had the wigs of Kim Zolciak, I'd have my hair different every day without the commitment. 
Have a great day!  Go Team USA!!!!

Monday, July 30

A Little lace

Good morning friends!!!!!!

I hope you had an amazing weekend!!!!!!!

Are you watching the Olympics as much as we are????  We've been glued to the boob tube for the past few days and can't get enough of sand volleyball and gymnastics.  Go Team USA!!!!!!

As for today, I'm rushing the kiddos off to swimming and then dance later.  Here's what I plan to wear this morning, but may need to change into my cleaning grub.  Bathrooms are getting to the point of being disgusting!!!!

My eyes look a little funky here.  Remind me to keep the sunnies on.

This outfit is so comfy and easy to throw on.  No ironing and cool for the summer heat.  Yes, it's back.  Air conditioning is back on and windows are closed, sad.

Love the hint of lace on the back.

[Top & Shoes:  Kohl's] [Shorts:  LOFT] [Bag:  Old Navy] [Jewels:  Stella & Dot] [Sunnies:  Target]

I think it's time to change the blue nail polish, don't you?  It's wearing really well and I hate to change it when it's not worn yet but it's time for a fresh color.  Until next time, have an amazing day!!!!


Sunday, July 29

Denim and Dots

Good afternoon friends!

We're still loving this amazing weather.  I can't believe 83 degrees feels like a cool spell!!!!  I got this fun skirt and was anxious for the heat wave to break so I could rock it without sweating my tail off!

I must admit that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this skirt.  I love the color, the weight and the length.  Hello, me likey the maxi!!!!!  However, I had planned to wear this to church and the hubby informed me that it was a bit sheer.  Darn it!  I wouldn't mind (I do have a slip) but in church it just doesn't seem right.  So I ended up with a whole new outfit five minutes before heading out the door.  Having a somewhat organized closet helped with that quick wardrobe change.

[Top & Skirt:  Target] [Tank:  Forever 21] [Belt & Bag:  Old Navy] [Jewelry:  Stella & Dot] 
[Shoes:  TJMaxx] [Sunnies:  Target]

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bracelet.  It's a little gem from Stella & Dot and it goes with everything!  My camera doesn't do it justice, it's definitely a must see in person.

I have to close with my excitement for this blog.  I used to be an executive and LOVED to create fun outfits for the office.  Now that I work from home, the outfits have changed as well as my job description.  I find myself wanting to put on a dozen different outfits to share with you since the library or playgroup could care less if I'm wearing a fun new trend.  So thanks for visiting, I look forward to sharing more with you ;)

Saturday, July 28

Colored Denim and Crocheted Sweater

Good morning friends.

 [Shorts:  Elle at Kohl's] [Sweater:  Lauren Conrad at Kohl's] [Tank:  Old Navy] [Bag:  Old Navy] [Shoes:  Target] [Sunnies:  Target] [Jewelry:  Stella & Dot]

 I'm up bright and early today due to the amazing sounds of the morning.  Birds are singing and our windows are open.  However, I could've done without the sounds of an early bird (uh-hum 6:30 a.m.) getting dropped off.  Now is it because this person delivers the morning paper or perhaps pulled an all-nighter and had a much more eventful night than I did?  I'm guessing the latter only because I believe most tend to have a more exciting life than I lead.  For those that know me well, I very much enjoy being a home body.  The best place on earth is at home with my amazing hubby and two beautiful girls.

Friday, July 27

Polka Dots and Leopard

Good Morning Friends,

[Top:  Old Navy] [Tank:  Target] [Shorts:  LOFT] [Shoes:  Payless] [Jewelry:  Stella & Dot] [Bag:  Old Navy]

Today is a low key day.  You know, one of those days that you don't really want to go anywhere or have to do anything by a certain time?  We are on the go most days, so I live for a day like today.  The kiddos and I watered flowers, created some masterful art and enjoyed the breeze from our open windows.  Yes, that's right we finally got a break in the heat.  It's in the 80's today, instead of the horrid high 90's or 100 degrees.  Thank the Lord for the cool front.  I'm ready for fall and speaking of fall, keep an eye out for my want list.  It'll be jam packed with fall fav's.