Thursday, August 2

Denim Days

Good morning friends!!!!!

I just finished the Fifty Shades Trilogy and wow, that didn't end the way I expected.  Don't get me wrong, I liked the ending but I expected something completely different.  It was a good read, I'll be reviewing it on GoodReads and looking for my next obsession.  What are you obssessing over?  I hate it when I don't have my next book in hand as soon as I finish the last page of my book.  Ugh!

Lunch date today, I'm heading to eat with my mom and the kiddos. I'm loving this denim vest with just about everything.  I especially love it lately with some of my dresses.  The scarf is a cute addition but I can guarantee that this chick won't have it on past the noon hour.  We're still blazin' hot and no relief in sight. 

 [Dress:  Old Navy] [Denim Vest:  Dress Barn] [Bag & Scarf:  Target] [Jewelry:  Lia Sophia & Silpada] [Shoes:  TJMaxx]

Laters (in honor of Mr Grey),

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