Tuesday, August 28

Sherbert Anyone?

Hello Friends!

It rained all day yesterday, well, ok most of the day.  So needless to say it was gloomy.  Today's outfit is inspired by the sunny, happy weather we have today.

There's something about this happy green and coral color that instantly reminds me of sherbert.  It's casual, it's happy and it's fun.

[Top: Old Navy] [Tank: Gap] [Shorts, Shoes, Sunnies & Belt: Target] [Jewels: Stella & Dot]

This top was another great find at Old Navy.  I got this on sale (can't remember how much on sale) back in the fall of 2011.  These kind of finds are great wardrobe builders since this piece really is a year round staple.  I've worn this with cardigans, leather jackets, blazers and as you can see with shorts.  Belt it, tuck it or leave it out with just about anything.  You'll see this top pop up with many different outfits.

Happenings over the weekend.....

My hubby and I love to garden and can.  We do tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, jelly and now we've tried our luck at sweet jalepano pepper jam.  You know how luck seems to work, it's either with you or against you.  Well, let's just say it wasn't with us this time.  We I had a lot going on....spaghetti sauce was saucing, the pepper jam was jamming and it the end it was a little too much for us me.

By the time the sauce was ready to can, my jam was boiling and also ready.  Our my timing was all off....UGH!!!!!         DOUBLE UGH!!!!!        So the jam probably overcooked since it was only supposed to boil for a minute and let's just say I was able to watch the first half of my Real Housewives of New Jersey before we actually started to jar this stuff up.

See how the jam looks separated with peppers on the top...yeah that doesn't look right

The last of the sauce was in jars and now we're set to can the jam.  My sweet and patient hubby, who had already told me we had too much going on, went to put the lid on the first jar of jam and it happened.  The lid came off, the jam spilled all over the hot stove and hot, boiling sugar began to fill the stove and burn.  He was shocked that we didn't catch the kitchen on fire with the mess.


We jarred what we had and are waiting to see what happens.  Here's a peek at what it looks like but I will not brag or give this one as a gift.  I think I'll have to give this recipe another shot before I'm willing to give up.

I'm going to spare you the recipe until I've mastered this one.  I will, I'm very determined and I LOVE this pepper jam (that other's have made).


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