Thursday, August 30

Peplum and Colored Denim

Hello Friends!!!!!

I'm breaking out the Peplum, my first time wearing this fun trend.  I know, I know, you're thinking about how this trend started clear back in spring 2012 but I was slow on this one.  I do love the flair that this style offers.  Just a little bit of feminine touch to any outfit is fun.  I paired it with a fun blue denim from Old Navy and kept the outfit simple.

 [Top: Kohl's] [Colored Denim: Old Navy] [Necklace: Target]
 [Shoes: Younkers] [Sunnies: Drugstore]

I have a little confession to share with you.  These pants are about 2 sizes too big.  Old Navy had them dirt cheap and was totally out of my size.  I thought, easy enough...I'll just wash and dry, they'll fit fine.  Right?  Not right!!!!  Although they did shrink up in the legs, the waist is still WAY too big on me.  From a far, these pants are fine but up close.....that's another story.  Don't try this yourself.  Don't buy something unless it fits!!!!!!  Period.  End of story.

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