Friday, August 3


Good morning friends!!!!

Did you see Gabby Douglas rock her talents yesterday????  She's the Olympics Golden Girl and more than deserves that title.  Congrats Gabby!!!!!  We cheered you on all the up to the end.  I also want to send out kudos to all those talented and hard working athletes, they all deserve a round of applause!

I always feel like I struck gold when I discover a FREE find!!!!  jcp is offering FREE kids cuts all of August for your kiddo that's school age K-12.  These finds are golden as it gives me more money in the budget for other things like school supplies, entertainment and most importantly clothing.  

With that said, I've made a promise to my husband and a goal for myself to never spend more than $100 per month on clothing.  This will challenge me to find the best deals possible, be more selective with my purchases and more creative with my existing wardrobe.  I'm excited about this challenge and look forward to sharing my finds, wants and creations with you.

Make it a great day!

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