Thursday, September 6

Blue Moon

Hello Friends!!!!

So what were you thinking when you saw the title of this post?  Depending on who's reading, one might think of our Blue Moon we had a few nights ago (which I missed because I was relaxing on the couch), or thinking of the "Blue Man Group" doing something obscene?  Yikes, ok now I'm picturing it.  Hurry, think of something else!!!!!

This was a fun outfit of the day, I'm calling Blue Moon.  This great tank has some fun embellishments that my kiddos adore (camera doesn't quite pick up all the fun stuff).  They love just about anything that shines and sparkles.

[Top: Dress Barn] [Colored Denim & Ballet Flats: Old Navy]
 [Sunnies: Drugstore] [Jewels: Stella & Dot]

I love the colored denim trend and will probably find myself buying a few more colors.  Can you guess which color I'll be looking for?  Oh yeah baby, give me some mustard.  Make it spicy of course, LOL.    You've seen me wear these in a previous post here, and will continue finding new ways to wear them.  I LOVE these so much.  If you don't have a pair of colored denim, get some.  You won't regret it!

Some fun to share....

We did something that was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again.  My hubby took Tuesday off and we planned a surprise road trip to an aquarium and museum.  The girls had no idea.  We picked them up from school and told them we're going on a trip.  They had the biggest smiles, priceless!!!!

Our kiddos absolutely love road trips, I think mainly because of the snacks but also because they get to watch a DVD in the van.  It's the little things, you know!

We went out for lunch, danced to the fun music in the restaurant and then headed to the museum.  They had a ball looking at the fish, boats, and watched a 3D movie.  It was the best afternoon!  My hubby is convinced that it was the lack of planning and element of surprise that made it such a hit. Not sure of the why, but I know that I will definitely do this again.

The last pic you see in the collage is me dancing to the fun Samba music.  Kinda remind you of Elaine on "Seinfeld"?  Ok maybe not that extreme, but after looking at a series of my dancing pics, I realize just how goofy I look.  Oh well, my hubby still loves me regardless.


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