Friday, September 7

Rule Breaker

Hello Friends!!!!!

If you know me personally, you would probably describe me as a structured, organized and obedient type of person.  I'm not one to stray from the boundaries that are laid out and when you tell me it's a rule - I will typically obide by it.

Not today, so many may think.  Yes, that's right I'm breakin' the rules, breakin' the rules (a little something, something from Beavis and his sidekick).  How many of you still live by the rule - no white jeans/pants after Labor Day?  Not me, at least anymore.  I'm throwing that one out the window.

Why is was that a rule anyway????  Call me a rebel or call me a realist, I see no reason not to wear white after the holiday.  In fact, I've seen adorable style inspiration for fall white.  I may be putting an outfit together in the days to come.

I mentioned to you that I love colored denim and white falls right into that category.  I've worn these jeans in a previous post here.  And promise you, in addition to wearing these with many other outfits, I will also be working on a fall/winter white style. 

[Tank: Old Navy] [Colored Denim: CAbi] [Shoes: Thrifted] [Jewels: Lia Sophia] [Sunnies: Target] 

I have a few frugal finds in this post to share with you.  This fun and whimsical tank from Old Navy was on the clearance rack, originally priced at $12.94 but I paid a whopping $4.99 - uh huh, that's right I savings of over 60% off.     Love it!!!     I also love these simple, slip on sandals that I just got.  I spent the morning going to thrift shops and found all kinds of treasures.  These cutie patooty sandals  were marked $4.38 - so of course I grabbed them immediately.

My girls had a ball thrifting with me.  In the end, I hope to find some amazing deals and show you that style does not have to cost a fortune.  I also have a secret plan in place, I'll share....I want my girls to learn the value of money.  I want them to develop life long skills of budgeting, and how to save money.  

In my opinion, one of the greatest lessons in life is to understand that we all must spend less than we earn and with that, live within our means.  There, ok now I'll get off my soap box and sign off for today.

Have an amazing weekend!!!!

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