Thursday, September 13

Lovely Lace

Hello Friends!!!!

I think we've finally turned a corner and the fall weather is upon us.  Before we get there, I wanted to share this cute outfit with you.  I wore this outfit yesterday, when the weather was in the high 80's but very comfortable.

I absolutely love this lace tank.  It's the perfect off-white, oatmeal color that works well with my skin tone.  I love how it hangs over the shell on the inside, showing the fun detail on the bottom.  This outfit is the perfect mix of cute without a lot of fuss.  Really, it's a throw on and out the door type of style.

[Lace Tank: Kohl's] [White Tank: Old Navy] [Shorts: Loft] [Sandals: Target]
 [Necklace: LOFT] [Bracelet: Lia Sophia] [Earrings: Stella & Dot]

Looking at these pics, I'm now laughing at myself.  I'm looking at all the little things that I usually hide under my deck but with kiddos and life, they don't always stay put.  My hubby (who is extremely meticulous), always tells me to be aware of my surroundings.  Wonder what he will think when he sees a watering can, the kiddos swim toys, flower pots, etc?  I'm sure he'll just shake his head and go about being meticulous with his own projects. LOL

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