Thursday, September 19

Pumpkin Monogram Love

Hello Friends!

I'm starting to get a serious fall itch.  The weather is cooler (that is until today) and the stores have brought out the Halloween candy.  Yes, that's right!  We are still mid September and the entire side of a grocery store aisle is stocked to the gills.  Although I may be a bit shocked by the rushing of our season, I'm happy.

I love fall for the colder weather, the warm colors and Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays.  So let's get on with it!!!!

I'm in LOVE with these monogrammed pumpkins.  I've been spying them for a while and I think the time is now.  After all, if the grocery stores can start getting out fall, then so can I.

Monogram Pumpkin TutorialMonogram pumpkins
monogram pumpkin
Making Lemonade: DIY Halloween Decor: Sequined Pumpkins // monogram jewelled pumpkin, she also suggests trying puffy paints instead of sequins & beads

Of course, these awesome DIY pumpkins came straight from Pinterest.  It's my go to place for inspiration.  Of course with our little ones, we'll do the traditional pumpkin carving but I think I want one special, monogrammed punkin' for myself my family.  Stay tuned, my pumpkin will be featured and will hopefully look just as classy as these.


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