Wednesday, January 9

Gettin' A Little Wild

Hello Friends!

I didn't realize my love for animal print until I really started blogging about style.  I love a hint here and there.  A little peaking out from a leather jacket.  A ballet shoe with any kind of pants and I adore it with turquoise.  Most of our leopard prints can be considered neutral because of the black, gray, white and tan.  So play with it by adding a fun colored denim or a statement necklace.

 Once again, the kiddos snuck in their toys into this shot.  I didn't even notice until I added this to my post.  Can you find the toy that doesn't belong in the picture?  

A friend that had her kiddos a few years before me, once told me something that has stuck with me for years.  My home may be messy but it is clean.  So true!!!  Anyone with kiddos can relate to having things here, there and everywhere.

[Top, Tank & Skinnies:  Old Navy] [Vest: Dress Barn] [Necklace: Purse-N-ality]


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  1. What a great look, Trish! And such a fun blog! Might I ask what you use for lip color. It is such a natural look, yet a great splash of color...something I am looking for!