Friday, January 4

Pretty Plaid

Hello Friends!

It's been quite a while since posting and I'm feeling withdrawals from my blog.  My apologies for the absence.  Truth be told, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with back to school, volunteering for both the school and church, exercise, and blogging.  Most of all, I felt as though I was not doing a good job at any of them, I was just trying to get the job done.

Now it's a new year, new focus and new attitude.  I'm cutting out the fat, well not all of it.  I still partake in some of my mindless television and relaxing but not as much.  A girl's gotta have her Housewives, but the reruns have got to go.  I am also learning the much needed skill of saying "No", it's harder than it sounds.

Today's outfit was inspired by a great blogger that has a knack for taking a piece from her closet and remixing in a number of different ways.  You can find her at Putting Me Together.  I love this vest as you've seen me wear it here, and I'm finding more ways to wear it.  Check it out with this fall/winter plaid trend....LOVE IT!


[Shirt, Vest & Jeans:  Old Navy] [Boots & Belt:  Target] [Earrings:  Forever 21]

My hubby knows my love of photography and got me a new camera for Christmas.  I LOVE it!!!!!!  BUT, I don't know how to use it.  I'm working on learning all the new bells and whistles and still need a few more accessories (love my accessories).   Stayed turned friends, the pics will only get better.


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