Thursday, January 17

No Regrets.....

Hello Friends!

So today is week three of "Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30".  I have not worked out in two days and I set the alarm this morning to get up and start up my new week.  The alarm did not go off, but my hubby did wake me.  I did the typical, early morning moan and rolled over to get another 45 minutes of sleep.  Did I actually go back to sleep?  NO!  I laid there thinking about how I should get up, but I didn't.  Now it's several hours later and I wish I would've gotten my tail out of bed.  I mean seriously do I need to have the Mr. literally kick me out of bed to get up.  How is it that I went from an early morning person to just a morning person?  I used to jump out of bed, work out and get on with my day.  Now, I stumble out of bed, make coffee and try to have a little bit of time before the wee ones wake up at 7:00a.m.

I am going to workout today.  I am going to workout today.  I am going to workout today.


Apparently I need to say this over and over and over again until I get it done.  So here I am telling all of you, that it will be done.  No giving up, NO REGRETS!!!!!


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  1. Hi Trish, I read this and thought. . . "Did I write this?" I know exactly what you mean. I too used to get up bright and early and do my morning walk, and if I didn't walk I would do the Jillian Michaels DVD. Now I too lay in bed, not going back to sleep, thinking of how I should be doing some sort of workout and then kick myself all day for not getting up. I blame the cold, dark mornings but that's just an excuse too. We can be each other's motivation. I know we can do this! All it takes is a few days of doing it for it to become routine again! Good luck!

    Denise Cambridge